What You Can Expect From Anything Is Possible Transitional Home


Anything Is Possible has been making a difference with youth in the Greater Los Angeles area for 3 years now with our specially-designed mentoring programs. In addition to schools, the work we’ve done has taken our mentors to various youth shelters and transitional homes.

While mentoring at a transitional home, our founder saw a specific need, and the next way that we will make a direct impact in the lives of the youth. We are creating the very first Anything Is Possible Transitional Home for youth leaving juvenile hall. This is a new way we fulfill our mission: to have the youth discover that anything is possible for themselves and their lives and that they make THE difference in the world. They get to choose and create how their future goes. 

Our goal is to launch our first of many nationwide Anything Is Possible Transitional Homes by Thanksgiving of 2020.

Why are homes like this important?

Right now, in the State of California the demand for housing for foster youth exiting juvenile hall  exceeds availability.

There is also a crisis among the existing facilities in terms of the quality of care that is normal for the residents’ higher, and even very basic physical and emotional needs. In an alarmingly high number of cases, these kids have been fighting to keep themselves safe and sane during this critical time of their life.

What will living at our home be like?

Living in our transitional home will include proper nutritional and emotional care and participation in the same Anything Is Possible curriculum that we deliver to children in schools and shelters currently. Young people get to powerfully create the kind of person they will be, and be in love with the person they are. 

In our transitional home young people will be safe and healthy, and they will have nothing else to worry about besides creating their future. Given what our mission is, the youth will be living in an environment that lifts and celebrates them and the difference they make on the planet. 

What will the home look like?

Our awareness of the need that our group home is designed to fulfill comes directly from our mentors’ and founder’s own experiences working with young people for extended periods of time where they live, in group homes. We conducted a survey, and asked teens who live in group homes to tell us what they think is missing or lacking in their current living environment by asking them the question, “If you could have your dream group home, what would it look like?” They responded:

#1 – Cleanliness (I wish the bathroom was clean, I wish there were no bedbugs in the bed, I wish the house was clean)

#2 – Healthy Food (I wish we had things to eat like smoothies and vegetables)

#3 – Being Heard, Listened To (I wish what I had to say was taken seriously by the staff)

#4 – Exercise Equipment (I want to workout and be healthy)

#5 – Internet Access for School Projects (My school work can’t be completed without internet access)

#6 – Computers Available (they don’t let me take home computers from school)

#7 – More Free Time (I wish my reward for completing my tasks was more than 10-15 minutes of free time)

While it includes much more than this, the blueprint for what is present and what happens in the home is based upon these ingredients to a happy, healthy, productive life for a young person.

Who will work at the home?

Every Mentor and Staff Member that interacts with them will be ongoingly trained to create and maintain an empowering and impactful relationship with the young people they are hosting. 

While we are only a temporary stop for them on their journey, we want that stop to be a remarkable turning point for them, where “bad kids” are transformed into difference makers — in terms of their relationship to the world AND in terms of their relationship to themselves.

When will the home open?

Our roadmap to launch our first group home has several milestones on the way to completion. This includes acquiring (leasing or buying) and furnishing the physical home. We will encounter licensing fees, training costs, and other administrative costs along the way this year. We are excited to kick off fundraising on June 5, 2020 to begin raising money for this program. Our first fundraising goal is $200,000. 

In the midst of the pandemic the world is currently facing, we are committed to including these young people amongst those we provide for. It is crucial we increase the availability of exceptional group homes for them to have safe and healthy places to be after juvenile hall, where they will thrive.

How can I contribute?

Help Anything Is Possible Foundation reach our goal of $200,000

Transitional Home for Formerly Incarcerated Foster Youth


Opening Thanksgiving 2020