President of the Board, Founder

I first fell in love with kids at the age of 15 when my buddy and I started coaching AYSO soccer for his 6 year old sister at that time. I continued to coach for the next 10 years. While attending UCLA I worked as a teachers Aide for the LAUSD child care centers for 2-6 year old children. I have also been a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate since the age of 15, and from the ages of 16-20 I taught martial arts to youth. I quickly realized, through teaching and working with the youth, how many kids did not have fathers present and what I a difference I was making by showing up as a powerful young man. These children were excited to see me and have conversations with me. This was incredibly fulfilling knowing that I had the opportunity to be “that guy” for them and be a difference maker in what they were up to. Currently I own and operate 2 business and consult for several others. For the past four years I have been participating in Landmark Education and out of this work it became clear to me that my purpose is to be a stand for children who do not have male figures present in their lives nor access to having powerful conversations with men. This past year I realized that I want to make a real difference for our children in this regard, thus the creation of Anything is Possible Foundation! I understand what it takes to be an empowering male presence for your child and you can count on me to be a conversation of what is possible, no matter the circumstance they are facing. My intent and commitment is that I am a stand that your child lives the life they REALLY want. I support them to create an incredible path that has them living a life of power, freedom, self expression and peace of mind. I have not met your child yet, however I know it will be a honor and a privilege to be able to support and assist him/her in their amazing journey! My goal is to have them understand, believe and live like anything is possible! Thank you!



My name is Evelyn DeBear, I am a mother, a sister, a wife and a friend. I am honored to be a hero, I am very clear that our future is in our youths hands and for me to have the opportunity to be that difference for our children is a blessing. I have been in leadership and communication courses for over 15 years now and now AIPF gives me the opportunity to make a real difference out there in the world for children who’s mothers are not present. Being a mother I understand the importance of children having a female figure in their life and I do not take it lightly. I am committed to making sure that the youth knows that everything they want for their life is possible and they get to say how their life goes. I am a stand that they live their dreams and that they get to be fully self expressed in all aspects of their life! I love our youth and I love our planet. Thank you for the opportunity to be a hero for your child, they are a miracle.

Brandon Niznik
Executive Director

Matthew Snead
Director of Operations

What drives Matt is successfully preparing the next generation for tomorrow, today. Having been an Eagle Scout and camp staff director in his childhood, Matt has been working with youth his entire life. Bringing with him 15+ years of experience in operation management and youth mentorship, Matt holds a B.S. in TV, film and new media from San Diego State University as well as an Masters in Education. Deeply inspired from being a youth mentor, Matt has run operations for several charter schools and has managed multiple after-school programs that have served as many as 1300+ students weekly.

Michelle Tran

Social Media and Campaign Manager

My name is Michelle Tran and I am a graduate from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. I am blessed to come from a family of 5, and am a big sister to two little brothers! Growing up, I have always been involved with serving the community, and through my work with different organizations I found my passion in working with the youth. I have experience working with children in an academic setting— 1:1 tutoring, group tutoring, and on research studies working with children 1:1 in a controlled setting administering academic behavioral tests. I also have experience working with young children in vacation bible school camps enriching their faith. I love to make learning fun as well as effective. I am committed that each child get that ANYTHING is possible, that they can have it all— an amazing relationship with their family, their schoolwork, their peers. Through the work of Landmark Worldwide, I am creating the life I love. I am honored to be a mentor and pass that on to the youth. The AIPF mission is exactly the work I’m out to fulfill on for the world.

Safi Duncan
Enrollment Manager

Hello! My name is Safi Maisha, the meaning of my name in the Swahili language means ” Pure or Innocent Life” I love life, children, young people and teens and am currently in a training program to become a Suicide Crisis Phone Counselor. My mission and purpose is for every child (since that’s where our identities are first formed) I encounter to discover the “Unknown” in life as friendly and inviting allowing for possibility to become alive and present as a possibility!

This is what I want to impact as a Mentor.

Being a Mentor allows me to pay forward all the Mentor mentors in my life, where I developed myself to be the kind of human being out to be the difference.

I do not have any children, so each child I mentor is the opportunity for me to embrace my possibility of experiencing motherhood.

I am humbled and honored to be a “Mentor “

This is what I got to say Jordan. Please feel free to correct, coach, make requests, etc. Thanks!

Clyde Terry
At-Risk Youth Advisor

Clyde Terry is the founder the “Emerging Leaders Academy” where his specialty is transforming the lives of men and women returning home from prison, and gang members who are looking to break the cycle of despair and violence. Clyde uses his many years of experience working in many rolls, to help master his craft. A certified Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and Success Coach, Clyde uses those skills along with his street savvy and the coaching expertise from master coaches, transformationalist and spiritual teachers such as Lisa Nichols, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith (“The Secret”) and Rev. June Gatlin (“The Oracle”) to help the program participants and clients produce breakthrough results. Clyde Terry is a Retired Sergeant and 25-year veteran of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and former U.S. Marine. In 2003, he took a leave of absence from the Sheriff’s Department to assist the U.S. State Department as an International Police Advisor in their rebuilding efforts in Iraq The experience changed his life. Soon after his return to Los Angeles, he began working directly with ex-prisoners, gang members and homeless youth to transform their outlook and their lives.

Suresh B Sakhamuru

Hello, My name is Suresh Sakhamuru. I have gathered 60 years of wisdom from my Family, Friends, Teachers, and Mentors. I have been married to Prasanna for 31 years, who is my best Friend and a Partner. I keep discovering my wife who she is and this keeps our relationship interesting and fresh. We were blessed with two beautiful daughters. Our eldest daughter is pursuing her career to be a Pediatrician and our younger one is a senior in UCLA, is exploring various possibilities to create a future that inspires her day in day out. By training, I am an accountant and work with an accounting Firm in Los Angeles. I have migrated to United States in 2000 with $400 in my pocket. This country, community, and friends gave me a new lease of life. A friend whom I met in Landmark Forum (conducted by www. arranged for an interview with her company and that was how I ended up getting my first job in this great country. I was fortunate to be exposed to Transformational Learning which is being facilitated by Landmark Worldwide. We made this education available to our children when they were 10 years old. My passion is to make a difference. From an early age I have been mentoring friends and their younger siblings. Some of them became Engineers, Accountants, Business persons, Judges, Teachers and Doctors. When my eldest daughter was in High school, I used to ask her friends and class mates what they intend to become when they graduate from high school. Majority of them had no clue what they wanted to become. Only one boy asked me what he must do to become a Chief Financial Officer. Told him that he must pursue CPA after he completes his undergrad. At present he graduated from U.C. Irvine and got his license as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). For long I wanted to meet children from High Schools and talk to them, guide them about their careers and the future that they intend to create. It was an unfulfilled dream. I want to Thank both Evelyn and Jordan, our dear friends, for creating this platform to make a difference in children’s lives. I will be honored to be associated with Anything Is Possible Foundation in years to come.

Sean Mason
Head Mentor Coach

My purpose in life is to liberate love. Everything I do is in service of that. My name is Sean Love Mason. I’m a husband to my amazing partner, Felicia, a father to my two beautiful and creative children, Roxanne and Arlo, a grandfather to the cutest grandson, Roan, an attorney, a café owner, an actor, and a difference maker. The last one covers all the areas of my life and in particular my involvement with Anything Is Possible Foundation (AIPF). Here are a few things I have discovered during my experience of life. First, that every person is part of the whole we call human beings. While our outsides look different and we come from different walks of life, we are all essentially the same and ultimately want the same thing, love. Second, I want a world where everyone gets along, where we love and appreciate who people really are, and where we live from what is possible in life. And third, I can either do what my mind tells me to do to survive in life or I can live a life that I create, truly create from nothing. And that last one is a choice that is available to everyone. Some say that we human beings are in the midst of a transformation of what it means to be a human being, which I happen to say as well. I see it and I feel it. This transformation is opening the possibility of a new future that is not an extension of the past or based in survival. The fulfillment of this transformation is ultimately in the hands of the young people. They are the ones. They have the opportunity to choose and create the future. So why do I assist for AIPF? For the fulfillment of this transformation and to empower young people to discover that anything is possible for themselves and their lives, regardless of the circumstances, and that they can create a future that works for everyone.

Rick Gil De Montes
Head Mentor Coach

My name is Rick Gil de Montes and I’m the youngest 42 year old I know. I love my life, I love what I do for a living, I love to make a difference in the world, AND, I do not see these things as separate. I’m an Emmy award-winning television and film producer and director and successful entrepreneur. The greatest blessing in my life is that I get to be the father of two wonderful, loving daughters, Dominique and Alex. I am also blessed to be married to the greatest woman and partner I’ll ever know… my wife Yana. Both of my parents emigrated here from Mexico and I was born and raised in East Los Angeles. We are a family of six strong. I have an older brother and two younger sisters and I absolutely love and adore them all. I grew up with the opportunity to be mentored by a group of powerful, loving, extraordinary men like my father, my brother, several uncles, my godfather, my best friend’s dad, professors, coaches and martial arts teachers. These men helped me learn and grow to become the man I am today. These men are my examples of what is possible in becoming a man. My gratitude to these role models in my life is beyond measure. I am a “Hero” because I get to stand on the shoulders of these great men and make a contribution to other young men. It’s now my turn to give back what I have so abundantly received. The young men and women I mentor can count on me to be a powerful, loving stand for what is possible for them in their lives. I will hold them fiercely accountable for being greater than they know themselves to be. I will listen to them, guide them, educate them and love them. And… we’ll have a blast discovering the joy in life!

Keith Inglis
Program Advisor

My name is Keith Inglis and I was born and grew up and a small coastal town called Burntisland in Scotland . I had the opportunity to move to California in 2006 to pursue a dream that I had in bringing transformation to business using a Japanese technique, called Kazien. The technique consists of training people in the workplace to identify small changes that they can implement over time and then empower and coach them to make the changes. I love how involved and motivated they get to improve their own work area and through the changes they get to experience themselves differently and at the same time improves their daily experience of their job and I’m honored to be part of that process. I work for a medical device manufacturing company and as part of my responsibilities is leading an academy program. This consists of hiring candidates straight from college and placing them in a 12 month rotational program – they travel in the US and to facilities across the globe. The purpose is to train them so that they can contribute to the business as well as creating a seamless transition from college to working life. I am the main mentor and I love this role. We talk weekly and I am honored to hold space and guide the individuals to find their passion and become successful in the business world. All of my experiences would not be possible if I had not been coached and mentored when I was younger. From the various swim coaches that I had to my workplace mentors early in my career all the way to my current role made what I do today possible and made a huge difference for me. I am excited to give what I was gifted back to the young people in AIPF. For the last 3 years I have been participating in Landmark Education and this work has provided me with the tools and clarity on the difference I can make in a young persons life. The opportunity that AIPF provides is for me is to be a space of listening, be accepting of wherever they are at and help them create the life that they want leaving them free and empowered in whatever situation they find themselves in.


Joseph Alvarado

When I sit with that, “to have the youth discover that anything is possible,” I am moved that there is an organization committed to having the youth get that anything is possible. AIPF is not looking at grounding the youth in setting “realistic” goals or teaching students to be “practical” but that anything possible. That’s inspiring! And has me wondering, okay…what is it going to take to fulfill on that mission?! I am humbled to join such an ambitious enterprise with like-minded heroes and mentors. I am Cali born and raised. I graduated from John A. Rowland High School in 2000, and after attending Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA, I transferred to Syracuse University, in upstate New York, earning my Bachelor’s degree in Political Philosophy and International Relations in 2007. Today, I work for two non-profits, tutoring, mentoring, and making a difference in the lives of those who are in the foster system.

Kaz Debear

Hey everyone! My name is Kaz and I am a 21 year old male attending the University of Michigan. I wake up excited for life everyday, I have a passion for fitness, an amazing family, and a loving support system. I recently started a YouTube channel dedicated to fitness and the methodology behind it that can change people’s lives, and I have high hopes that I will be able to make a difference for millions of people in due time. This, among many other powerful things I’ve created in my life, would not have been possible without the mentoring, love, and guidance I received from many powerful figures in my life. In addition, I have taken on a role as being the big brother to my significant other’s little brother, who did not have the privilege of growing up with a father figure for a majority of his life. I would love to contribute and make a difference in the lives of others, and it would be an honor for me to be a role model for young individuals and share what I’ve discovered throughout my journey so far. I don’t know where I would be today if it weren’t for the love and support of the male role models and mentors in my life, the men that have help guide me through my life journey. Frankly, I wouldn’t be where I am at if it weren’t for these heroes.

Clay Flocco

Hi! My name is Clay Flocco. I’m the fortunate father of two amazing children, and my sole wish for their futures is that they get the opportunity to choose and create a life in which they are happy and fulfilled. And I can’t do it alone; it takes a village. My own life has been and continues to be shaped by mentors, sometimes with a sudden jolt but more often with a gentle nudge, or by holding open a door of possibility. The impact of their influences, whether immediate or not fully realized for years, is immeasurable and profound. I want that for my kids. And I want that for yours, too.

I’ve long known that I’m most fulfilled living a life in service of others. At various times a lifeguard, coach, teacher, team leader, and father, it’s been a recurring theme in my life. I’ve come to realize that the unbidden pride and pleasure I take from these roles is because my life is not for me. My life is for others, for you and your children. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of their village, and I look forward to supporting them as they discover that anything is possible in their lives!

Nicole Grant
Team Leader

My name is Nicole Grant and I am beyond excited to mentor kids and support them in believing that anything is possible for their lives, regardless of their circumstances. I am a mother to two amazing young girls, and I love children. As a graduate of Landmark Education, I have seen the incredible impact Landmark’s tools have had on my own children’s lives, and I’m very excited to share this work with other kids and see the difference these tools can make in their lives. I grew up here in Los Angeles, and am the CEO/Team Leader of the Keller Williams Inglewood office. I also work in Commercial Real Estate, specializing in retail and multifamily sales. In my previous career, I was a Fashion Designer. I am excited to share my experience with the mentees and support them in their dreams and goals. My commitment is that each child I have the privilege of mentoring experiences that anything is possible for them in their life, and that they are excited for the present and the future!

Fabiola Velasquez

Hello! My name is Fabiola Velasquez, and I am Hispanic. Originally born in Mexico, I migrated to the United States at the age of thirteen years old. The plan was to go to school, learn English, and then return back home in Mexico, but I fell in love with this country and I ended up staying. I attended high school where about 90-95% of students did not speak Spanish, my first language and, at the time, only language. It was challenging and frustrating as most of the staff and peers could not understand me. Very quickly, I made up a story about myself that I did not belong in this school and I did not belong in the United States. However, I adapted very quickly and learned to really see the beauty and opportunity in this country. As I grew up living and experiencing all the great things my new home has to offer, I discovered for myself, that I belong where I say I belong, and I have a say in the way my life goes. I can create the life that I want every day, because I say so. I am now married to a wonderful husband, Federico, with who I get to enjoy our beautiful family with. I have three beautiful children: Cassandra, who loves to travel and was most recently in Oregon, Alexa, my amazing soccer athlete about to attend college, and Lucas, who is about to start Kindergarten in the fall. These four are the most important people in my life along with my big family of five sisters and two brothers, and my parents. I adore them all so much. I have been peacefully living in the Ventura County area for twelve years and currently, I am a Call Center Manager for a large health insurance company, dedicating sixteen years of employment. What I love most about my job is that I get the opportunity to help people resolve matters related to their health insurance benefits. I am a stand for children at school to have the experience of being accepted, to have self-expression, leadership, freedom, and fun! Because every child has that option.

Dylan Swerdlow

Hi, my name is Dylan Swerdlow. I am 15 years old, and I am a sophomore in high school. I have two beautiful loving parents as well as an amazing little sister who is 13 years old. Just about a year ago my parents went through a divorce and my daily life around the house no longer remained the same. Before the divorce I experienced a life course called Landmark. I took part in the Junior Forum when I was 12 years old, the Teen Forum when I was 13 years old, and I recently did the Advanced Course when I was 15 years old. Landmark gave me life-changing tools to transform how I am as a human being. Landmark helped to show me that I can live powerfully through hard times, especially in a scenario like my parents divorce. By knowing and meeting other members of the Landmark movement I reached out to empowering people and friends I consider mentors and role models. With the help of them and their wisdom I was able to create a powerful environment for myself and my family during this change. Having others talk to and express your feelings/thoughts to can have a huge impact on yourself and a huge impact on the person mentoring you. I want to be a “Mentor” because I want to touch and impact the lives of people on a consistent basis. Every time I have impacted another person’s life, I would get a feeling of pure happiness and gratitude knowing that I have touched another person’s life. Being able to mentor children and understand their world and how it occurs to them would help me live a stronger and more fortunate life, while at the same time teach children how they can be living a powerful life made up of endless possibilities. Lastly, I want to show these children that they are not limited to anything and can create any life they want to live. This is why I want to be a “Mentor”.

Federico Velasquez

Hi, my name is Federico Velasquez. I was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia and immigrated to Los Angeles CA at the age of 18 and that was the beginning of an amazing journey that brings me to this day.

I remember my childhood being filled with love and adventure and at the same time experienced violence from growing up in one of most dangerous cities in the world at that time. That shifted the context of my life and I made up that life was unfair and at times cruel, but the people I was surrounded by made a huge difference for me.

Years later as a result of a powerful personal and development course, I discovered that by taking responsibility for my life I could have access to completing the past and pursuing an extraordinary life. 12 years ago I married the love of my life and became and instant father to two beautiful girls; Cassandra (21), Alexa (18) and a few years later I was blessed with the arrival of an amazing little guy named Lucas (4). As an immigrant I started working in the construction industry and fell in love with building and renovating residential and commercial buildings. As a result of this I am a proud owner of a successful construction company founded in 2010 in the Ventura County area and I work in many different projects across the Southern California area.

Since I was very young, making a difference in people’s life was part of what I wanted to do in the future. The opportunity to be part of this amazing organization came up and without a doubt I knew right away, I wanted to be a HERO. I know that children and young adults are the future of our society and also the foundation of humanity.

During my journey I’ve had the privilege of raising my two step daughters as my own and later an extraordinary little guy, Lucas. I have experienced first hand the importance of empowering young people with love, connection and strong parental relationships that allows them to nurture their dreams and give them the confidence to accomplish what’s important to them.

Outreach Team

Eugene Damiani

Hi, I am Eugene Damiani and I am one of 4 kids from a Mexican household. I was born and raised in good old East Los Angeles, CA. I love sports. Track and field is one of my passions in life and because of that passion I was able to have my college tuition paid for and graduate from California State Fullerton without any student loans. After college, I had gotten involved with a few different personal development programs and one of the best educations I have gotten for myself. I used to think that it was impossible for me to become a real estate investor but with a little creative work and amazing partnerships I have been able to get involved in the real estate market in one of the highest price markets in the nation. In 2016 I became a father– one of the most exciting and difficult transitions of my life. I have been growing, learning and relearning what it is to be fully self expressed. One year later, I got married to the mother of my child and the girl of my dreams. Currently, I am still on the hunt to create my life every moment I am alive and to reach the pinnacle of potential in life in my relationships, finances and mental health. I am out to pass on what I have gained from going on this journey. So that anyone who comes in contact with me knows that they can have anything they want for their life.

Helen Der
Mentor & AIPF Event Organizer

My name is Helen Der, and I am 54 years old. My husband, Howard, and I have been married for almost 26 years and together we have 3 amazing children. Nicholas 24, who studied finance, Jennifer 23, Marketing/advertisement, and Matthew, who is 21 years old and is currently a senior at Chapman University. I retired as a court stenographer back in 1996 due to a work-related injury and became a stay-home mom not by choice. Thinking back, I just treasure every precious moment I had with each one of my children and I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

I am from a big family of 6 children. I remember growing up I always took care of my younger siblings. In my younger ages I have always worked with youth whether it be tutoring, mentoring, or teaching martial arts. Every time I see a baby or a young person I get that warm-fuzzy feeling inside. Since Landmark Education and witnessing the transformation and what a difference it made for my kids, and my husband and I, I want to make a difference in the world, especially for the leaders of our future.

I am a “Mentor” because I LOVE KIDS. They are a bundle of joy with full self-expression. I am a stand to be a clearing for love, powerful listening and a space for discovery with no boundaries.

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