About Us



 The What

 We mentor and tutor homeless youth across Southern California.

 The Where

 We mentor youth usually in 45-day emergency homeless shelters, domestic abuse shelters, recovery shelters, and motels.

The How

We teach the youth vital life skills and have empowering conversations they can use now.

The Urgency

Homeless youth move on average 2-3 times a year. With every move a gap of several months develops in their education. By the end of high school, the odds of them graduating is approximately 50% nationally. They need consistent support, now.

Our Why

Our Mission is to have the youth discover that anything is possible for themselves and their life and that they make THE difference in the world. They get to create and choose how their future goes!

Anything is Possible Programs

AIP Mentoring Program

The AIP Mentoring Program is a once a week after school mentoring program focused on engaging students in leadership and social emotional literacy (SEL) skills through activity-rich curriculum.

Tutoring and Mentoring Program

In partnership with our non-profit partners, AIP mentors meet students at flexible times and locations to tutor and mentor them through the AIP Mentoring Program curriculum.

What Makes Us Unique

The AIP Mentoring Program delivers current leadership and SEL skills in a fun, activity-rich environment where students can immediately use these skills in their everyday lives.

Highly Trained Mentors

AIP mentors are highly trained! Our mentors train and collaborate weekly with education experts as well as attend quarterly workshops.

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