Imagine a world where everybody does what they love.

Imagine a world where everybody loves their life.

Anything Is Possible Foundation

“Our mission is to have the youth discover that anything is possible for themselves and their life and that they make THE difference in the world. They get to choose and create how their future goes!”

AIPF In Action

AIPF Mentors are prepared to reach young people wherever they may be. Whether the venue be the child’s own familiar classroom or at their family’s place of residence, we enjoy the opportunity to work with the youth outside the context of traditional academic education.

Whether we are working with young people who are currently experiencing homelessness while living at foster group homes and domestic violence shelters, or with youth from affluent neighborhoods, we find that our curriculum stands to benefit all children equally.

Wherever they are coming from, each child has an intention for their future and therefore unique challenges to navigate. Our dedicated volunteers work with children from all backgrounds and circumstances, enabling them to discover vital life skills they can use today.


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At a young age, children of any background have already begun to develop a view of what kind of future is available for them, and what futures are unavailable. Our mission is to have the youth personally discover that in fact anything is possible for themselves and their lives, and that they get to choose and create how their future goes.

How Does AIPF Help A Child/Teen?

AIPF mentors work with the youth using cutting-edge learning methodology specifically designed to remove perceived barriers to what’s possible.

After a comprehensive application and interview process, AIPF mentors enjoy the benefit of regular, continuous training and evaluation in the AIPF Mentor Training Program. As they personally discover the principles they will be sharing with the youth, the mentors’ lives sing.

The AIPF curriculum is fun, insightful, and engaging. The youth are invited to look at their real, everyday lives with family, friends, and at school as they engage in conversations, games, and activities with mentors to discover first-hand what they care about and what they’re capable of.

For each young person who participates, there is a unique experience. The AIPF Mission has the mentors actively and personally engaged in expanding upon what each child sees as important for themselves and their future.

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